Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: The Ultimate Smartphone Experience

Are you searching for a new smartphone? Chances are probably good that you already have an idea of what you want before you ever walk into your phone carrier’s retail store or start searching online. Well, it’s time to put brand loyalty aside, unless you’re already a loyal Samsung phone user. The new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the new standard unto which all other smartphones will be held up to, and for a good reason.

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra from Samsung Electronics goes above and beyond to extends the limits of what other smartphones have been able to do. Featuring one of the most advanced and intuitive pro-grade camera systems and an intelligent, responsive, and beautiful display screen are just two things that set the S21 Ultra apart from the usual smartphone crowd. Keep reading to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and why it is this Samsung that’s the ultimate smartphone according to TechRadar

Display and Style

Not only is the Galaxy S21 Ultra the most advanced of the S21 line, but it’s also got the biggest screen of them, boasting a 6.8-inch Dynamic Amoled 2X Display. It’s smooth, intelligent, and fast, with a brighter picture than the S20. This version also stretches your battery to almost unimaginable lengths. Images and photos are crisp, clear, and beautiful, whether you’re inside or outside. Furthermore, it has the Eye Comfort Shield to keep your eyes from growing tired while you’re using it. 

Another great new feature for the display, Samsung also is bringing something exciting, though not exactly new, to the S series phones. Once only available on the Galaxy Note and Tab, the S Pen experience is now available on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. You can use a pen from one of your previous Samsung devices. Alternatively, you could purchase one separately on its own to take your device to the next level.

Along with the Galaxy S21 series jumping leaps and bounds past the technology of other competitor’s phones, Samsung has also given us a striking new housing that’s full of style, flair, and functionality. The camera housing sits seamlessly in the phone’s metal frame, available in Phantom Black and Phantom Silver. Both have a haze finish for a modern and luxurious look.

Camera Features

Speaking of the camera on the S21 Ultra, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another one that can match it’s myriad of functions. Both the front and rear cameras have been optimized for the best quality photo-taking, no matter the lighting. The rear camera boasts an upgraded 108MP pro sensor that lets you take color-rich HDR photos with phenomenal dynamic range. You can even use 4K at 60fps with all of the front and rear lenses, so shifting perspectives won’t change your quality. Furthermore, night time and low light pictures show up with more clarity and quality than has been seen yet in any Galaxy phone to date.


When connectivity is your concern, the S21 Ultra is there to make sure your connection is better, faster, and stronger. It’s one of the first smartphones to support Wi-Fi 6E9. That means more bandwidth and a more immediate internet connection for all of your speed needs. It is also 5G compatible, so you’ll be on the cutting-edge of technology regardless of your location. The connectivity of the S21 Ultra isn’t just limited to the world wide web, either. You can use your Samsung to control smart devices in your home. Feel free to unlock compatible car doors, have other Galaxy users help you find lost items, and manage your smart home right from your car before you ever pull in your driveway.